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A Healthy Slice of Pai

Sharing my journey to optimize my athletic performance, health, and mindset.

From the first time I picked up a dumbbell in a strength class seeking a way to release the stress of working long hours, my life changed. I became hooked on not just the adrenaline rush, but also how much stronger I felt, both mentally and physically, after every workout. That caused me to embark on my fitness journey that I’m on to this day, exploring different types of training and movement to see how they improve my performance, and setting new goals to attain.

Along the way, I’ve also developed an interest in all things health and wellness, constantly researching new and innovative ways to optimize my athletic performance and my approach to life in general, including experimenting with mindfulness, nutrition, and biohacks. I am excited for you to join me as I explore innovative and cutting edge approaches to fitness and health, and use this blog to share my experiences and discoveries.  Along the way, I hope to inspire you to start or continue on your own journey to lead a healthier life.