Hi, my name is Sheela Pai, and I am passionate about fitness, healthy eating, and experimenting with new ways to optimize my physical and mental performance.  During my over 10 years as an NYC corporate lawyer, I have struggled to stay healthy while working in a stressful, fast-paced environment.  The main challenges to maintaining consistency?  (1) Figuring out a fitness regimen that I enjoy so much that I will find a way to stay on track, even when I have to work late nights and over the weekend, and (2) finding healthy food options that will win the battle against my craving for not-so-healthy takeout.  Having developed some strategies that are effective for me (though I am always a work in progress), I am on a mission to help other professionals get information from experts and tools they need  (including healthy, doable recipes that work for me)  to skip the struggle and develop sustainable healthy lifestyles so they can get more out of life.


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