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Breakfast Quesadilla with No-Cook Tomatillo Salsa

This breakfast quesadilla reminds me of one of my favorite foodie cities, Austin, Texas.   One of the main reasons why I’m obsessed with its food scene?  The wealth of Mexican-style breakfast options.  Many of the coffee shops sell delicious pocket-sized breakfast tacos side-by-side with equally delicious croissants. Corner diners have a brunch menu page dedicated to all sorts of Mexican-style dishes—breakfast burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, quesadillas, taquitos. NYC, you need to get with the program! Well, until then, I have these quesadillas and this super-easy, no-cook tomatillo salsa to keep me happy…

Ingredients (makes 2 quesadillas):
For the quesadilla:
For the tomatillo salsa:
  • 5 medium-sized tomatillos (diced)
  • ¼ onion (diced)
  • 1 large garlic clove (diced)
  • 2 tbsp chopped cilantro
  • Half a jalapeno pepper (diced)
  • Healthy pinch of cumin powder
  • Sea salt to taste



For the tomatillo salsa:

  • Put tomatillos, onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, and cumin in a high-speed blender and pulse until pureed, tasting and adding salt as needed.
  • Pour into a separate container, draining any excess water. I found using a tea strainer helpful for this.

For the quesadilla:

  • Sauté mushrooms in avocado oil and taco seasoning in a small pan over medium heat until tender, and then set aside.
  • Whisk together eggs, nutritional yeast, and mayonnaise, generously adding salt and pepper.
  • Add ghee to a medium-sized skillet over medium heat and sauté bell pepper until it is slightly tender, then mix in mushrooms.
  • Turn heat down to medium low and pour in egg mixture, folding it into the mushrooms and pepper as it forms curds. Before the egg completely solidifies, turn off heat and keep folding until completely cooked.
  • Place one tortilla on a griddle over medium heat, spread half the scrambled eggs on it, and place the other tortilla on top. Press the quesadilla together and flip as needed until both tortillas are crisp, then set aside on a plate. Repeat with remaining tortillas and scrambled eggs.


  • Slice quesadillas into quarters, pour the tomatillo salsa over them, and serve.