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The Benefits of Joining a Fitness Community

It is not a coincidence that in the past year I have made the biggest strides in my health that I ever have in my life after joining fitness communities.

When I used to take classes at different studios or go to my local gym to run on my own, my results were mixed because I did not enjoy the process and how much I pushed myself (or whether I even showed up) was highly dependent on my mood and energy level that day.  

How I Got Hooked on Beautycounter’s Safe Skincare Products

I was super excited when I found out that Beautycounter was offering a significant discount on its skincare regimens (20% – 25% off; more below on how to obtain this discount plus an additional one for first-time customers) now through February 1, 2018, because, while I love the quality of all their products,

Metabrew “New Brew, New You” Fitness Challenge

My fitness challenge — take three classes that pushed me outside my comfort zone in three very different ways. That was my mission for the start of 2018 in connection with Metabrew ‘s “New Brew, New You” (use promo code HEALTHYSLICEOFPAI20 for 20% off their nut-buttered coffees and teas with MCT oil).  

How I Developed An Early Morning Workout Habit

Woke up at 6am today, went for a run, and was rewarded with this gorgeous view.


Over a year ago, I very rarely had moments like this since working out at that time on a Sunday seemed insane.  I always wanted to be that person who bangs out 5am or 6am training sessions,

Eggs with Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Hash

This eggs with sweet potato and red pepper hash recipe is one of my favorite types of recipes–one that uses just a single cooking dish, whether it be a skillet, baking sheet, or saucepan.  Love how time-effective one-dish recipes are, both in terms of prep and clean-up.  The recipe also involves one of my most heavily used,

My Experience Trying Out Floatation Therapy & Tips For First Timers

I wanted to try out floatation therapy for a long time but, I must confess, just the thought of floating in a small pod for an hour made me claustrophobic. After reading many pieces by health and wellness figures I respect raving about the benefits, however, I did some research and found that Chill Space in midtown Manhattan has spacious float tanks—6’ x 8’ cabins with 10” deep water.

Review of the Pause Meditation App

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Pause meditation app, which was released earlier this month and is compatible with iOS6.0 or later. I really appreciate how, more than any other meditation app I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many of the apps on the market), Pause takes a thoughtful approach to guiding newbie and new-ish meditators like myself through the basics of the practice before transitioning them into more focused work on different life areas,

Green Chef’s New Keto Meal Plan

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to try out three dishes from Green Chef’s new Keto subscription meal plan (they also offer omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and vegetarian plans). Healthier versions of some of my favorite dishes, made with quality organic ingredients, and requiring only about 30 minutes of prep and cooking time all together?

Saffron Turkey Ragu Over Spaghetti Squash

This saffron turkey ragu over spaghetti squash recipe is representative of my theme over the next few weeks—making food that is easy, uniquely flavored, and can be made en masse for the week. I focused a lot on farmers’ markets because I think 50% of the challenge of getting yourself to cook is finding inspiration,

Spiced Chicken in Apple Sage Broth

I am so excited I got the opportunity to develop this Spiced Chicken in Apple Sage Broth recipe for the Union Square Greenmarket as part of my slideshow take over of their Instagram account!  As I have explained before on this blog, I credit the Greenmarket with converting this corporate lawyer from a take-out ordering addict into a healthy cooking lover.


This spiced chicken recipe is one of my new favorites because it perfectly encapsulates the spicy and sweet flavors of fall in a light but satiating way,