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Spiced Chicken in Apple Sage Broth

I am so excited I got the opportunity to develop this Spiced Chicken in Apple Sage Broth recipe for the Union Square Greenmarket as part of my slideshow take over of their Instagram account!  As I have explained before on this blog, I credit the Greenmarket with converting this corporate lawyer from a take-out ordering addict into a healthy cooking lover.


This spiced chicken recipe is one of my new favorites because it perfectly encapsulates the spicy and sweet flavors of fall in a light but satiating way,

Red Split Lentils with Ginger and Turmeric

I’ve been desiring some light, but flavorful, vegetarian protein options due to the heatwave we are currently experiencing in NYC. I knew I wanted to create a dish with the brand new bag of red split lentils I bought at Trader Joe’s on a whim a few weeks back. I also had a general sense of the dish’s flavor profile—lentils cooked in spices to make it interesting, but not to supply heat,

Moroccan Cinnamon Chicken and Harissa Spiced Carrots

I make no secret of my passion for fiery hot ethnic food, but I am also a fan of dishes where the heat is more subtle, with warm spices supplying the main flavor. Both the Moroccan cinnamon chicken and the harissa spiced carrots fall into the latter category. The combination of cinnamon, cardamom, and turmeric provides an earthy sweetness to the chicken, while the smokiness of the harissa, with a touch of maple,