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Spicy Chickpea Waffle, plus how a sugar detox changed my life

So excited to develop this spicy chickpea waffle recipe that I’m going to use during Further Food’s Free 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge!  The challenge, which you can sign up for here, starts Monday, September 11 and includes lots of free resources, including:

  • A 7-day meal plan with recipes, a shopping list, and meal prep guide;
  • Advice and hacks for getting through the challenge from a panel of renown health experts;

Chickpea Pasta in Fried Sage Ghee Sauce

This chickpea pasta in fried sage ghee sauce takes me back to some of my favorite restaurant meals. Sage (along with a ton of other herbs) is all over the NYC-area farmers’ markets and the moment I see it, I crave one thing—pasta in fried sage brown butter sauce. I rarely order pasta when I eat out, but when I do, I many times order that particular dish. So I just had to do my own spin on it with ghee and chickpea pasta!

Chickpeas and Brussels Sprouts with Capers over Quinoa

As you can see below, this Chickpeas and Brussels Sprouts with Capers over Quinoa (cooked in chicken bone broth) dish is a very quick, simple one—the main source of flavor is the capers—but a good example of working with what you find at a farmer’s market to improvise a meal that isn’t the same old thing.

A friend and I recently discussed our biggest obstacle to shopping at a farmer’s market in a productive,