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Spiced Chicken in Apple Sage Broth

I am so excited I got the opportunity to develop this Spiced Chicken in Apple Sage Broth recipe for the Union Square Greenmarket as part of my slideshow take over of their Instagram account!  As I have explained before on this blog, I credit the Greenmarket with converting this corporate lawyer from a take-out ordering addict into a healthy cooking lover.


This spiced chicken recipe is one of my new favorites because it perfectly encapsulates the spicy and sweet flavors of fall in a light but satiating way,

Ginger Peach Protein Pancakes

These two-step recipe ginger peach protein pancakes, which taste like an indulgent spiced doughnut, may just make me a total sweet breakfast convert yet. Growing up in an Indian household, breakfast was almost always a savory, even spicy, affair. We would eat an Indian version of cream of wheat with chilies in it or a dosa with fiery hot toppings like masala or mango pickles.  As a result, though I loved dessert,

How I Became a Farmers’ Market Fan + Tips For Shopping at Your Local Market

One of the highlights of my week is walking around the flagship New York City farmers’ market — the Union Square Greenmarket (“USG”) — on Saturday and exploring all the stalls.   Without fail I always discover newly in-season fruits and vegetables or unique farm-sourced products that get my creative juices flowing. Some of my favorite finds in recent weeks are packed into this mint sunflower seed pesto cauliflower crust pizza (pesto recipe can be found here;

Chickpea Pasta in Fried Sage Ghee Sauce

This chickpea pasta in fried sage ghee sauce takes me back to some of my favorite restaurant meals. Sage (along with a ton of other herbs) is all over the NYC-area farmers’ markets and the moment I see it, I crave one thing—pasta in fried sage brown butter sauce. I rarely order pasta when I eat out, but when I do, I many times order that particular dish. So I just had to do my own spin on it with ghee and chickpea pasta!

Mint Sunflower Seed Pesto

This mint sunflower seed pesto is the result of a lot of pondering. I have had the goal of developing a pesto for a while, but I wanted it to be different but doable with easy-to-find ingredients (so no to a ramp-based pesto…). By this point in the summer, however, after seeing so many amazing pesto recipes on social media, it is really really hard to come up with an iteration that is not duplicative.

Pan Cooked Baby Eggplant with Coconut Yogurt Raita

This eggplant recipe is inspired by two things. One—my need to use up all the eggplants I’ve been buying at the farmer’s market every weekend because they are just so fresh, shiny, and perfectly purple (my favorite color). Yes, I’ve been losing the battle against my veggie pack-ratting instincts lately with the wealth of colorful options in season, but it’s forcing me to improvise some more creative recipes, so I choose to think of my impulse buys as fortuitous… The raita is a dairy-free spin on the yogurt-based one my mother would make for me in the summer when I was young.