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Green Chef’s New Keto Meal Plan

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to try out three dishes from Green Chef’s new Keto subscription meal plan (they also offer omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and vegetarian plans). Healthier versions of some of my favorite dishes, made with quality organic ingredients, and requiring only about 30 minutes of prep and cooking time all together?

Golden Milk Protein Chia Pudding

When I have a sweet tooth but want to satisfy it with a sweet treat that is relatively healthy, I love to snack on a chia pudding. This golden milk spin on it makes it more interesting with the slightly smoky taste of turmeric. There is a dispute in the scientific community over whether there is ample evidence that turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect. I find, however,

Ginger Peach Protein Pancakes

These two-step recipe ginger peach protein pancakes, which taste like an indulgent spiced doughnut, may just make me a total sweet breakfast convert yet. Growing up in an Indian household, breakfast was almost always a savory, even spicy, affair. We would eat an Indian version of cream of wheat with chilies in it or a dosa with fiery hot toppings like masala or mango pickles.  As a result, though I loved dessert,

Chickpea Pasta in Fried Sage Ghee Sauce

This chickpea pasta in fried sage ghee sauce takes me back to some of my favorite restaurant meals. Sage (along with a ton of other herbs) is all over the NYC-area farmers’ markets and the moment I see it, I crave one thing—pasta in fried sage brown butter sauce. I rarely order pasta when I eat out, but when I do, I many times order that particular dish. So I just had to do my own spin on it with ghee and chickpea pasta!

Salted Caramel Nice Cream

I’ve got to admit, this frozen banana-based salted caramel nice cream is pretty darn good. I am obsessed with all things salted caramel—ice cream, cupcakes, macarons—and this ranks right up there. I even had to shove the bottle of leftover salted caramel to the back of my fridge so I would stop taking a spoonful every time I saw the bottle!

Also—bonus recipe development process discovery—Supernola granolas are a great ice cream topping.

Thai Basil Fried Quinoa with Ground Chicken

Between the chicken, veggies, and quinoa, this Thai basil fried quinoa dish is the perfect one bowl meal that you can scoop into a container and take to work. No additional chopping, sautéing, or assembly of any sort required. For me, the best approach to meal prep is a hybrid one. I like to have chopped fresh vegetables and roasted ones ready to go to be thrown together with prepped proteins like pulled chicken and roasted chickpeas.