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My Experience Trying Out Floatation Therapy & Tips For First Timers

I wanted to try out floatation therapy for a long time but, I must confess, just the thought of floating in a small pod for an hour made me claustrophobic. After reading many pieces by health and wellness figures I respect raving about the benefits, however, I did some research and found that Chill Space in midtown Manhattan has spacious float tanks—6’ x 8’ cabins with 10” deep water.

Review of the Pause Meditation App

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Pause meditation app, which was released earlier this month and is compatible with iOS6.0 or later. I really appreciate how, more than any other meditation app I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many of the apps on the market), Pause takes a thoughtful approach to guiding newbie and new-ish meditators like myself through the basics of the practice before transitioning them into more focused work on different life areas,

How Meditation is Changing My Daily Life

Over the past month and a half, after at least 3 false starts in recent years, I am finally developing a meditation practice and my life is already better for it. Yes, I am still very much a newbie, but I decided to share my experience thus far, especially the benefits I’m reaping and the resources I’ve used to stay on track, because I started from the same place as a lot of people.