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My Experience Trying Out Floatation Therapy & Tips For First Timers

I wanted to try out floatation therapy for a long time but, I must confess, just the thought of floating in a small pod for an hour made me claustrophobic. After reading many pieces by health and wellness figures I respect raving about the benefits, however, I did some research and found that Chill Space in midtown Manhattan has spacious float tanks—6’ x 8’ cabins with 10” deep water.

How Meditation is Changing My Daily Life

Over the past month and a half, after at least 3 false starts in recent years, I am finally developing a meditation practice and my life is already better for it. Yes, I am still very much a newbie, but I decided to share my experience thus far, especially the benefits I’m reaping and the resources I’ve used to stay on track, because I started from the same place as a lot of people.